MOOnie the MOOcher

MOONIE THE MOOCHER is the birth cow of Diana Lesmez and Paulo P. Sanchez, who collaborate on multiple weekly posts that capture the misadventures of a traveling cow via humorous photos, captions, videos, and the occasional off-key rendition of songs with "MOOnie-nized" lyrics. MOOnie is wise, quirky, and funny beyond any bovine limitations. In fact, she is a cow about town–if by "town" you think of the infinite possibilities of the Universe. MOOnie often time travels, explores space (including a recent visit to Mars), and beams herself across all corners of planet Earth with cow gusto and panache.

During the first year of her launch, MOOnie the MOOcher (@mooniethemoocher) has steadily built a name for herself on Instagram alone, organically achieving the status of influencer by reaching 10,000 followers and maintaining an impressive rate of engagement. MOOnie's followers are spread across the globe and fit a diverse demographic (with Millennials accounting for 30% of her followers). This is only the beginning of MOOnie's entertaining online presence, which soon will expand to include additional social media platforms and regular Q&A videos that answer all types of pressing "hOOman" and any other "creatOOre" questions.

In this era of often out-of-control hateful interactions on the Internet, MOOnie delivers the antithesis to online disrespect by confidently providing a generous dose of kindness and levity, and by happily stretching hOOman imagination.

@MOOnie the MOOcher is an example of how social media can be used to create popular fictional characters. With the proper care and strategy, her brand appeal can lead to additional projects, including books, a series, a film, and merchandising. As she continues to grow, she will serve as a case study for successfully creating original fictional content for social media.

There are no limitations as to where MOOnie will travel to. On the left, she is in Berlin, stopping to smell the rose(s) before gulping them down. On the right, she is in the Netherlands posing her beefy curves for amateur painters.

When @MOOnietheMOOcher reached 10,000 followers, MOOnie held a raffle of an autographed print of one of her pictures (to be chosen by the winner). The winner, who is located in London, sent a photo with her framed photo.

Very recently, MOOnie partnered with the artist of @littlewondersnthings, who designed MOOnie's Home–a charming miniature structure that travels across the Universe with MOOnie. @littlewondersnthings has increased her following and sales of her whimsical creations, partly due to her partnership with MOOnie and subsequent exposure to the cow's Instagram influence.