Letting Go of God

Starring, Written, and Directed by


Produced by Maria Burton

Production Managed by Diana Lesmez

LETTING GO OF GOD is a humorous feature film of Julia Sweeney’s eponymous award-winning, one-woman, stage show. The film played at the Toronto International Film Festival and aired on Showtime.

Julia's monologue chronicles her search for God. She begins her journey in the Catholic faith, the religion of her family and in which she was raised, and then speaks of the questions that were sparked in her while enrolled in a Bible study class. As she searches for answers, Julia shares that her exploration takes her on a journey through meditation, Buddhism, and even talks with New Age gurus. At one point, she re-directs her inquiry into the sciences and speaks of how they sharpen her critical thinking skills. Along the way, she discovers that by accepting the truth, she has arrived at surprising and life-transforming revelations. And she concludes by returning to the place where it all began–the comfort of her childhood family home, to share her newfound wisdom with her loved ones.