MOONIE THE MOOCHER was created by Diana Lesmez and her partner, Paulo P. Sanchez. The fictional character's Instagram profile details the misadventures of a traveling cow, wise beyond her bovine limitations. In a year or so, MOOnie the MOOcher (@mooniethemoocher) has built a steady following, achieving the status of influencer with 10,000 followers and an impressive engagement rate. This is only the beginning of MOOnie's online presence, which soon will expand to include additional social media platforms.

Podcast and Video Series in Development

With her expertise in pitching and communication skills, Diana is developing an insightful podcast and accompanying video series (under her banner consulting company, Bumptious Media Consulting), in which she tackles topics related to the mastery of communication skills and the means for achieving effective pitching. While some of the episodes will be targeted to film industry professionals, many will transcend the boundaries of the "biz," delivering concepts and advice that are applicable to interpersonal relationships and improving communication in the general workforce.