The Journey Ahead



Screenplay by Diana Lesmez

Story by Ramon Aguyé and Diana Lesmez

Directed by Luis Enrique Rodríguez

The feature film explores the revelation, forgiveness, and embracing of our greatest sins–our fears developed in the false stories that we spin to both hold ourselves back and create lives of effort, misery, and turmoil. It is also a reflection of hope and redemption, reminding us that when we allow ourselves to bond with others and experience love, the extraordinary is not only possible but downright magical.

THE JOURNEY AHEAD is the tale of two traveling companions: Nerea (13) and Max (60), played by Michael Madsen, both of whom have lost their way in life and together embark on a journey that transcends human limitations. This is also the story of Belén (Bianca Marroquín), who while in pursuit of her daughter, Nerea, must come to terms with certain truths about herself and her relationship with her new love, Marcos (Yancey Arias).